Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can someone please tell me where i can find the drain plug for the radiator on my vauxhall vectra?

the car is a 1997 P reg Vauxhall Vectra 1.8ls i want to flush my radiator and do not know where the drain plug is.|||Where did you leave it?|||I also do not think that they have one, just remove the bottom radiator hose and that will do the same job.|||I don't think that they have a drain plug now, you have to remove the bottom hose to drain the water.|||There is no drain plug u must remove the entire radiator|||Hi

Just remove the bottom hose from the radiator and leave it detached.

I usually add a small cup of laundry powder to the coolant and then run the engine until the cooling fan has cut in a couple or three times and then switch off the engine and allow it to cool before I remove any hoses and flush the engine.

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Geordie|||I don't think they've got one, I think the bottom hose has to come off. Daft way to economise but a lot of cars are designed the same way these days.|||for most cars it is on underneath of the radiator but recently some cars they don't have it for prevent of crush the plug with ramps or something like that. depends what do you want to do with radiator plug, if you would like to change the radiator luid, it is better to do with a bottle which is used for surplus water coming from the radiator.|||they are ussually underneath on the bottom of the radiater.|||As above, no drain plug on the vectra's.

But word of advice, don't fully drain it unless you really need to, these engines are amazingly difficult to refill without ending up with an airlock in the system somewhere (took me 2 hours to refill properly when I last did it!)

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