Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How do I reset a vauxhall vectra remote car key fob?

Battery is new and shows red on the tester but will not unlock I have been told I need to reset is this correct?|||Hello

From the Hand Book

Sit in car. Close door.

Switch on ignition.

System will remain in programme mode for 30 Secs.

Briefly press either button on the remote and release.

Central locking system should have cycled and locked and unlocked the doors.

Your key is now ready.

If not

You may have dropped the Chip when you changed the Battery.


When you change a Battery you have 3 minutes from the time you take out the old battery to replace with the new one, So have the back off ready and the Battery unpacked.

Andy C|||Hi I had trouble with my key remote just done what you said,Yahoooooo remote works fine,thank you:)))))) Simon.

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|||Turn the ignition on and try the lock button. It should cycle the central locking when programmed.|||Yes. As I recall, just put the key in the ignition and press one of the buttons on the fob...

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